BRM defines its business as the creation of partnerships between industrial companies that generate materials suitable for beneficial reuse and land owners and small business owners that can utilize these materials in compliance with regulatory and technical requirements. Dealing primarily with coal ash, foundry sand and paper processing residuals, BRM typically directs reuse materials for use as sub grade fill for a wide variety of construction projects including new buildings, road and parking lot construction, quarry reclamation and roadside sight and sound barriers. These materials would otherwise be destined for high cost landfills. Under long term contracts with our industrial partners, we take responsibility for reuse materials, identify and qualify a pipeline of reuse projects, obtain regulatory approvals as needed, and manage all elements of materials transport and handling.

Through a partnership with Beneficial Reuse Management, Industrial Partners can:

• Save Money
• Help the Environment
• Quickly implement reuse programs
• Minimize operational disruptions
• Fast track regulatory approvals
• Gain from experience and technical expertise
• Achieve a permanent reuse solution

Why partner with BRM?


Meaningful Benefits for Partners

By partnering with Beneficial Reuse Management on a reuse program, industrial partners are assured of achieving substantial savings in the costs of dealing with their reusable waste streams. Our experience with numerous industrial partners over many years enables us to get programs quickly into place with minimal involvement by industrial partner personnel. Since we have worked with so many partners for so long, we know how to blend our activities seamlessly into ongoing partner operations and can bring best practices to bear on our partners’ waste handling activities. We provide a continuing solution to reuse materials handling for our industrial partners. Once we have initiated a partnership, we commit to our partners that we will identify and implement an ongoing pipeline of suitable projects to receive their reuse materials - we have never failed to meet this commitment.

Helping the Environment

Beneficial reuse of industrial byproducts has important benefits for the environment. In addition to preserving precious land fill space otherwise consumed through normal disposal, reused materials conserve natural resources by decreasing the demand for virgin materials and the need for additional quarries and soil borrow pits that increasingly blight the landscape. Reuse projects can also conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the need for energy intensive manufacture of new products or extraction of new materials to fulfill the same end uses. Regulators at every level are recognizing these advantages for the environment and are encouraging expanded beneficial reuse.

Regulatory Experience and Technical Resources

Beneficial Reuse Management maintains a central staff of technical and regulatory experts who can handle all aspects of materials certification, project review and all approvals that may be required. No one has more experience in dealing with the changing and potentially complicated world of beneficial reuse regulations than Beneficial Reuse Management. Because of our experience and reputation with regulatory agencies, we can get fully approved reuse programs and projects documented and operational quickly and efficiently.


Beneficial Reuse Management is a pioneer in this field. We initiated our first project almost 10 years ago and since then have completed more than 400 projects which have redirected in excess of 4 million tons of industrial byproducts to alternative beneficial reuse. In this process, we have provided our industrial partners with significant savings in their cost of disposal and provided our project partners with millions of dollars in value through reduced costs for construction and land development.

Continual Innovation

Beneficial Reuse Management’s technical group is continually innovating to find new and better uses for reusable industrial byproducts. Through our extensive experience with a wide range of materials, we have developed the technical knowhow to mix different materials to achieve the highest and best reuse potential which can result in even greater savings for our industrial partners. In addition, we work with leading universities and laboratories to expand the horizons of beneficial reuse to new materials and new markets.

A Winning Solution

A beneficial reuse program developed and managed by Beneficial Reuse Management is a winning solution for everyone involved. Our industrial partners achieve major savings in materials disposal costs. Our project partners save money on their projects with reduced structural fill costs. And, we all gain from conserving natural resources and avoiding the unnecessary use of precious landfill space.