Optimize waste management. Maximize beneficial reuse.

Leverage our expertise in materials science and program management to enhance the efficiency of your waste management processes. We specialize in diverting industrial by-products and waste streams away from landfills to help businesses like yours focus on maximizing beneficial, sustainable reuse.
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BRM Acquires USA Gypsum, LLC

One of the largest drywall recyclers in the United States.

About BRM

Over 20 Years of Innovation & Expertise

Beneficial Reuse Management (BRM) provides innovative, sustainability-focused resource recovery solutions for the agricultural, utility, and industrial end markets. Our beneficial reuse programs offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly approach to managing industrial by-products and waste streams.

By partnering with us, companies preserve landfill space, conserve natural resources, reduce CO2 emissions, and boost local economies. Leveraging our extensive material-science expertise, robust distribution network and value-added processing capabilities, we can guide you to determine the optimal use for reusable by-products based on your needs and goals.

Committed to Sustainability

The Benefits

Preserves landfill space

Conserves natural resources

Reduces CO2 emissions

Boosts local economy by lowering costs of construction

Generates savings and avoids expensive disposal costs

The Results

Million Tons

By-product material diverted from landfills


Material reused or recycled each year


States with licenses and permits

Markets Served

The Markets We Serve

We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet unique needs across a variety of markets.

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Building Materials
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Utility and Municipalities

Beneficial Reuse

In addition to identifying and supplying by-products in their natural state, we use our technology and material science expertise to leverage a network of permitted, state-of-the-art processing facilities strategically located across the Midwest and Northeast.

We can process up to 300,000 tons annually at four facilities, ensuring a steady stream of value-added products.

Our process converts high-volume non-hazardous waste streams into value-added sustainable materials.

For our value-added products, we focus on transforming materials into premium-grade soil amendments that can be used for many different applications.