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Why Partner with BRM?

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Beneficial Reuse Management is dedicated to making our planet a better place. We work with businesses to identify their waste streams, design programs to divert these materials from landfills and execute these proprietary programs. Since initiating our first beneficial reuse program over 25 years ago, BRM has become the leader in creating and managing beneficial reuse programs for by-product generators across the country. 


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When a beneficial reuse project is properly designed and implemented, it's the most economical and environmentally friendly way to repurpose manufacturing by-products. An ongoing beneficial reuse program not only contributes to the long-term sustainability of a utility or foundry, but also supports taking care of our planet in ways that will benefit generations to come.  

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landfill space

Reduces CO2

Saves money

Conserves natural

Strengthens local

No environmental


By facilitating the exchange of beneficial reuse products, we help reduce the environmental impact of waste materials and promote sustainable practices. Our services provide a win-win opportunity for businesses to simultaneously reduce their waste and their costs. When you choose BRM, you are making an environmentally responsible and cost-effective choice for moving your business forward.

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BRM boasts a diverse team distinguished by its proficiency in materials science and technical expertise and its profound capabilities in program design, management, and execution. With an extensive grasp of marketing and distribution strategies, our team's breadth of knowledge and depth of experience uniquely position us to craft innovative beneficial reuse programs. Our comprehensive approach combines entrepreneurship, risk-aversion, and problem-solving capabilities. We collaborate with regulators to ensure efficient implementation. With a strong commitment to the long-term well-being of our planet, we work directly with industrial partners and customers to deliver exceptional beneficial reuse services.

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