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Program Management & Execution

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The success of a beneficial reuse program depends on the effectiveness of the Program Management & Execution.

At BRM, our team is composed of experienced program managers, industry specialists, and technical experts. These dedicated professionals are overseen by senior managers who bring substantial experience in both the environmental industry and management. Together, they ensure the successful planning and execution of programs, fostering a streamlined and efficient approach to achieving our clients' goals.

A Track Record For Success


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Strong Regulatory Expertise

  • We navigate complex logistics regulations to promote sustainable practices while preventing environmental issues.
  • We work effectively with local and state level regulators to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.

Speed to Market

  • We efficiently source and execute diversion programs by leveraging our extensive market knowledge and value-added processing capabilities. This enables us to maintain an efficient and seamless pipeline for utilizing materials.
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Our Approach

BRM is committed to overcoming the environmental challenges associated with waste stream management by adopting an entrepreneurial implementation approach characterized by problem solving with a unified focus on meeting each customer’s unique needs.

BRM handles the entire beneficial reuse program process, including:

Site Assessment

Testing and Sampling

Program Design

Program Management and Execution

Distribution and Logistics