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Wood Ash

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Wood ash is a residual by-product generated from the combustion of wood in fuel sources.

How is it Generated?

Wood ash is generated when forest management, lumber mills, and energy producers burn wood. This by-product offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to using traditional soil additives. Top producers include West Fraser, Weyerhaeuser, Canfor, and Interfor.

Beneficial Reuse

Wood ash is used as a soil nutrient. Because it contains potassium and calcium, it can increase pH levels in the soil. By using wood ash in agriculture, organizations can nurture deficient soils and increase crop yields, making it an essential tool for farmers. Wood ash can also be used to promote healthy plant growth when landscaping and gardening.

Food and Agricultural

Farmers use wood ash as a soil nutrient for healthy plant growth.

  • Compost feedstock
  • Increased yield thanks to calcium and potassium
  • Soil stabilization used to adjust pH

Building Materials

Industrial manufacturers use wood ash instead of virgin materials.

  • Road construction
  • Concrete ingredient