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Founded in 1999, and headquartered in Chicago, IL, Beneficial Reuse Management provides beneficial reuse programs to manage industrial byproducts and waste streams, helping to preserve landfill space, conserve natural resources, reduce CO2 emissions, and boost local economies.

Beneficial Reuse Management (BRM) designs beneficial reuse programs that manage industrial by-products and waste streams, in turn preserving landfill space, conserving natural resources, reducing CO2 emissions, and boosting local economies.

We operate several manufacturing and processing facilities that create value-added products from recycled industrial by-products:

  • 50,000 square foot facility in Winona, Minnesota
  • 160,000 square foot facility in Caledonia, Wisconsin
  • 90,000 square foot facility in Fair Oaks, Indiana
  • 35,000 square foot facility in Denver, Pennsylvania

We also have a vast distribution network of over 116 locations across the continental United States, where we store and distribute materials for beneficial reuse programs.

Our most commonly handled by-products include:

Management Biographies

Dave Schuurman
Founder and Executive Chairman
Robert Spoerri
Board Member
Trevor Schuurman
CEO & President
Nicholas Patrick
Chief Financial Officer
Jason Harker
Director of Gypsoil Pelletized Products
Dan Schuurman
Director of Beneficial Reuse Management Division
Jeff Ulrey
Director of Gypsoil Division
Terry Weaver
Director of USA Gypsum Division

Company History


  • Wisconsin adopts first-in-the-nation legislation to encourage and regulate beneficial use of industrial by-products
  • Dave Schuurman founds Beneficial Reuse Management (BRM) to coincide with new legislation
  • BRM partners with Waupaca Foundry to launch its first beneficial reuse program


  • BRM works with regulators in Indiana and Illinois to adopt the Wisconsin framework for relevant industrial by-products
  • Power plant by-products confirmed suitable for beneficial reuse


  • Robert Spoerri joins BRM as CEO


  • BRM acquires Gypsoil, the leading marketer of by-product gypsum from power plants for agricultural use
  • Gypsoil secures long-term agreement with two major utility partners for by-product gypsum


  • BRM establishes additional partnerships with utilities to market by-product gypsum in five additional states
  • BRM secures first non-utility by-product gypsum partner in North Carolina
  • Beneficial reuse programs launched with foundries in several states including TN, PA, MN and KY


  • BRM builds an advanced distribution network for Gypsoil, where gypsum supplies for over 40% of cultivated farmland in the eastern half of the US come from within 100 miles
  • BRM presents benefits of by-product gypsum for agricultural use to ACAA, EPRI and the US EPA
  • BRM becomes the recognized authority on agricultural use of by-product gypsum


  • BRM achieves 7 million tons of materials beneficially reused
  • BRM sponsors and manages field trials and testing in partnership with the USDA and NRCS, establishing gypsum as a recommended practice standard to mitigate nutrient runoff into sensitive waterways
  • Marketing and distribution of Gypsoil expanded to KS, IA, ND, and SD
  • BRM wins first site services contact for a major utility


  • BRM’s by-product gypsum supply network expands to more than 50 sources
  • BRM established as the leading marketer and distributor of by-product gypsum
  • BRM initiates R&D on pelletization of by-product gypsum through extrusion technology in partnership with the University of Minnesota


  • BRM develops and initiates operations to produce pelletized gypsum at a new manufacturing plant in Winona, MN
  • Gypsoil Blendable™ is introduced to the marketplace


  • BRM opens a second pelletized gypsum manufacturing plant in Racine, WI in partnership with a major utility
  • BRM initiated research and field trials of pelletized SulfurMax™


  • SulfurMax™ introduced to the market
  • BRM engages in contract manufacturing for other pelletized products including Fast Acting™, Ironite™, IronPro™ and MicrobeMax™


  • BRM takes over operations of an existing pelletization plant in Fair Oaks, IN
  • BRM refinances out utility partner at the Racine, WI plant
  • Trevor Schuurman named CEO and President of BRM


  • BRM acquires USA Gypsum to diversify and expand distribution to the east coast and prioritizes efforts to launch in new markets