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Value-Add Fertilizers


Value-add fertilizer is enriched with additional nutrients and other beneficial substances, which together improve its effectiveness in plant growth and health. By providing additional benefits beyond traditional fertilizers, value-add fertilizers are sustainable and environmentally-friendly, so they are often preferred by farmers due to their organic nature.

How is it Generated?

Value-add fertilizers are made by combining traditional fertilizers with other beneficial substances and micronutrients. These fertilizers offer a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional fertilizers, making them an essential tool for farmers and other organizations.

Beneficial Reuse

Value-add fertilizers can be used in agriculture production and industrial applications, where soil quality can be improved.

Food and Agricultural

Farmers use value-add organic fertilizers as a soil nutrient for healthy plant growth.

  • Promote sustainable agriculture practices
  • Progress on environmental goals
  • Improve soil structure
  • Reduce erosion
  • Turfgrass management

Healthier crops. Improved yields. Better results.

Beneficial Reuse Management has custom-engineered pelletized gypsum and sulfur so you can give your soil a nutrition boost.

a mixture of white and brown rocks and gravel

A consistent, durable pelleted Gypsum. Gypsoil Blendable pelleted gypsum makes blending with other dry fertilizer products efficient and easy.

Sulfate Sulfur
Won’t Break Down

Material won’t break down into fine particles during storage, blending or application – even in humid environments.


The solubility is similar to potash, making it easier to handle and apply in all weather conditions compared with other pelleted gypsum products.

Uniform Sizing

Stay blended. It is a very uniform
product with over 90% of granules being #6-#8 mesh

Available at these locations:

Caledonia Pellet Plant
2825 4 Mile Road
Racine, WI 53404-1005
Ph: 262-898-3355

Winona Pellet Plant
110 Harvester Ave
Winona, MN 55987
Ph: 507-474-7748

a mixture of white and brown rocks and gravel

A blend of Gypsoil Brand Gypsum & elemental sulfur for season long sulfur to take your yields to the max.

Sustained Release

Contains fast-acting calcium sulfate and slower release elemental sulfur for sustained season-long feeding

Early Season Sulfur

Eliminates early season sulfur deficiencies common with standard sulfur bentonite fertilizers

Late Season Sulfur

Ensures late season sulfur fertilization unlike sulfate sources

Available at:

Winona Pellet Plant
110 Harvester Ave
Winona, MN 55987
Ph: 507-474-7748