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Beneficial Reuse & Recycling

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Beneficial reuse programs provide a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to manage industrial by-products and waste streams. These programs help preserve landfill space, conserve natural resources, reduce CO2 emissions, and boost local economies.

Beneficial reuse programs:

  • Keep materials out of landfills, prolonging the useful life of existing landfills and diminishing the need for new permits, which can often be costly and contentious.
  • Apply resources as a valued-added substitute for more expensive virgin materials while avoiding the need for new mining and continuing environmental damage.
  • Translate into solutions that can save costs for industrial and municipal customers while boosting local economies.
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When you partner with BRM, you’ll:

Tap into specialized expertise in materials science, regulatory compliance, and technical knowledge

Achieve long-term reuse program results

Experience minimal operational disruptions

Leverage the best-in-class marketing and distribution network

Realize cost savings compared to conventional methods

Help the environment